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All-electric GPUDEM 045-90
Dynell is your competent partner for aviation ground support equipment.
Empower a CO2-free future with Dynell’s all-electric mobile ground power unit. The latest battery design combined with innovative solid-state technology provides green 400 Hz and 28 VDC power wherever needed at non electrified places.
DIM – Dynell Inverter Module
The Dynell Inverter Module (DIM) is the core element of the all-electric GPU. The DIM is already used in all Dynell’s solid-state GPUs and is interchangeable between all Dynell products. No configuration is required – just plug & play.
One DIM contains all the electronic components to transform the DC voltage from the battery into 400 Hz. The latest semiconductor technology ensures highest efficiency of up to 99% for one DIM.
The batteries are based on state-of-the-art Li-ion technology with high energy density for demanding industrial applications. The battery pack is designed in accordance with the highest safety and quality requirements; it is fully CE marked and manufactured in Europe.
Modularity and scalability
A modular and clearly structured layout allows easy and safe access to all areas of the unit. The design concept enables flexible adaptations to changing requirements. The nominal output power of one DIM is 22.5 kVA and the capacity of one battery is either 84.5 or 96.5 kWh. This allows scalable output power of one unit in steps of 22.5 kVA up to 90 kVA and storage capacity between 84.5 and 193 kWh. In case of unexpected changes in power requirements in the future, the output power and capacity can be easily adapted upwards or downwards.
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We offer airport equipment (including conventional, towbarless tractors, cargo and pushback tow tractors, aircraft recovery transport systems, sweepers, sprayers, snow removal machines, snow ploughs, combination machines, airport fire engines, aircraft tugs (remote-controlled), all-electric GPU, PIT systems, charging systems, lighting systems (led/halogen), control systems.

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