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      Schmidt|Sweeper|AS 990 / ASC 990
      Safety at the airport is top priority. The high-speed AS 990 sweeper cleans all service and traffic areas of the airport with outstanding sweeping efficiency, so that follow-up damage caused by FOD (foreign objects debris) is prevented. The AS 990 clears solid materials like leaves, dirt and debris, as well as liquids such as de-icing agents and surface water. The permanent PMB 2400 magnetic bar, which is attached to the front panel of the AS 990, can be used to pick up any magnetic metals.

      Cleaning concept
      The AS 990 delivers perfect results when sweeping large areas, while moving safely through the entire airport. Equipped with two optional circular brushes, a rear-mounted sweeping unit and a high-power suction fan, the machine can cover large areas quickly and efficiently. The AS 990 offers a hygienic solution due to its optional blast nozzles, rear-mounted standard sweeping unit and optional quick-change liquid suction feature. It can be fitted to all truck models of any make with the relevant specifications – a unique concept that’s highly flexible and versatile.

      Suction and sweeping system

      Rear suction vehicle with full-length suction nozzle brush roller, sweeping width 2,300 mm

      In addition to the two suction nozzle jets, a brush roller that stretches over the entire sweeping width is also used for faster sweeping, and can reach sweeping speeds of up 40 km/h. The sweeping unit is attached to the rear using a flexible lifting feature separate from the chassis, allowing it to be adjusted to different flooring even while operating. The high-quality wheels with built-in reset mechanism ensure that the suction vehicle runs reliably across its route.


      • Quick-release coupling mechanism for swapping the sweeping unit and liquid suction feature
      • Liquid gate to improve the collection of liquids

      Liquid suction nozzle

      The liquid suction nozzle is specifically designed to collect liquids such as water or de-icer, such as glycol, as effectively as possible.

      Cover for bulky debris

      The standard version of the suction vehicle includes a built-in cover for bulky debris. The pneumatic cover can be operated from the driver’s cab to collect larger pieces of debris.

      Rear suction vehicle

      • Two suction nozzles (width: 2 x 1,150 mm) – streamlined design with premium hot-vulcanised rubber coating on the interior as standard for lower friction and less wear and tear.
      • Symmetrical load distribution.
      • Roller brushes that lift up when they encounter obstacles.
      • Easily accessible cable duct.
      • Smooth adjustment of sweeping pattern, accessible from the outside.
      • One central sweeping pattern adjustment mechanism with colour-coded scale to indicate level of wear

      Liquid suction vehicle

      • Two suction nozzles (width: 2 x 1,250 mm): Streamlined design with premium hot-vulcanised rubber coating on the interior as standard for low friction and less wear and tear.
      • Collection of liquids – up to 100% performance.
      • Optional collection of glycol – 96% to 99%.
      • Rear-mounted or inter-axle version
      Suction fan drive

      The suction performance can be adapted to suit the amount of dirt. The hydraulic drive is fitted with a speed sensor to monitor the suction fan’s power. A stepless adjustment of the suction fan is possible. The speed of the suction fan is regulated using hydraulics and adjusted from the control panel. No maintenance is required when compared to conventional V-belt/toothed belt drives. The impeller and sheathing in the housing are made from premium wear-resistant metal.

      Sweeping material hopper
      Large hopper for large quantities of debris. The base of the hopper is made from stainless steel. The hopper is equipped with a hydraulic tipping mechanism, allowing it to be emptied safely thanks to the large tilt angle of 52°. The hopper can be tipped using a separate remote control with a long, flexible cable. The hand-held control panel is housed in a waterproof storage case. The hopper can be tilted without starting the auxiliary engine.
      Corrosion resistant 2,000 litre water tank
      The water tank is installed between the driver’s cab and the auxiliary engine with a suction fan to reduce noise levels and is equipped with an easily accessible cleaning flap. An extra water tank with a capacity of 2,000 litre is available as an option.
      • Water tank with 2,000 litre capacity made from polyethylene – Corrosion resistant / extra water tank with 2,000 litre capacity.
      • Hydraulically powered water pump – maximum 10 bar at 37 litres per minute dry run-safe.
      • Winter mode – automatic evacuation of the entire water system (anti-frost function).
      • Dust binding – water jets installed upstream of the suction vehicle in the suction nozzle and tube as well as on the circular brushes.

      Quick-change system
      Thanks to the optional quick-change system, you can switch between the rear suction vehicle and the liquid suction vehicle in a matter of minutes without needing any tools.
      Special version: the ASC 990
      The ASC 990 cleans aircraft parking bays by applying a mixture of detergent and water. The cleaning solution is applied to the area to be cleaned by the spray bar in front of the circular brushes. The surface is then treated and roughened by the circular brushes. Any dislodged material is then collected in the tank by the rear-mounted sweeping unit. The ASC 990 is particularly suited to intensive cleaning of transport areas and collecting heavy and awkward substances.
      A modular concept
      Rear suction vehicle with built-in roller brush, rear-mounted liquid suction vehicle or inter-axle liquid suction vehicle. A dual version is available as an option.
      High-pressure cleaning equipment with rotating nozzles
      An efficient high-pressure cleaning bar can be installed in front of the liquid suction vehicle, delivering up to 200 bar and 70 l/min. As a result, the model can clean intensively over a width of around 2.4 m, whilst also sucking up all the water and dirt at the same time. This option enhances the results delivered even further.

      1. One blast nozzle on the left and right
      2. For both summer and winter cleaning. The blast nozzles provide a strong blower performance over the entire width of the unit as well as next to the truck, ensuring the best possible cleaning results. Also available with pneumatic height adjustment.
      3. Circular brushes on the left and right
      4. For sweeping gutters or increasing the sweeping width. Pneumatic adjustment of ground bearing pressure and rinse pressure. Water jets installed to bind dust.
      5. Hose reel with cleaning hose
      6. For general cleaning after emptying, a 10-metre hose with adjustable jet. Water supply with a pressure level of 10 bar at 37 l/min through the hydraulically powered water pump with dry run-safe mechanism.
      7. Hand-held suction hose
      8. For cleaning gullies, drains and other awkward areas. Mounted on the rear tank flap. Hose diameter: 200mm. Control unit installed directly on the hand-held suction hose.
      9. Leaf screen cleaning unit in the tank
      10. A tube equipped with water jets for cleaning the leaf screen, and the area above it, make the machine easier to clean with more effective results.
      11. Water outlets on the rear gate
      12. These fittings allow any excess water or de-icer to be drained before the hopper is emptied completely.
      13. Cold-start function
      14. The cold-start function for the auxiliary engine ensures a reliable start under even the toughest conditions, including temperatures as low as -20°C.
      15. Rear area monitoring
      16. A camera is mounted on the tank flap. It is switched on automatically as soon as reverse is engaged. The image is streamed directly to the operating unit.
      17. Side suction
      18. Two suction nozzles on the left and right, installed in front of the rear axle, increase the suction width by 500mm on each side. The two suction nozzles can also work simultaneously if needed. The suction nozzles are operated pneumatically and can be adjusted by 320 mm to the side. The sucking action can be applied regardless of whether the side suction nozzle is extended or retracted. The built-in water jets allow for effective dust binding.
      19. Exhaust diffuser
      20. The two suction nozzles suck in air containing debris and collect it in the hopper. Inside the hopper, any debris is separated using gravity. Exhaust air is fed out of the hopper at the top. A diffuser can be installed in the top of the hopper to calm the air. This diffuser can be swivelled in or out pneumatically for automatic cleaning.
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