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Багажные тягачи
GOLDHOFER (Германия)
Airport fire engines
Magirus IMPACT X4
The Magirus IMPACT X4 combines proven solutions with innovative technologies, resulting in an all-rounder with highly specialised skills. This airport fire-fighting vehicle is specially designed as a rapid intervention vehicle to be used stand alone in small category airports or in combination with other ARFF vehicles. It combines a compact size with a wide range of applications. The Impact series is based on large-scale truck series components that have proven themselves thousands of times over in service and which have been modified to meet requirements of this special application:
  • Motors in the power range of up to 560 HP (412 kW) for the fastest operational readiness
  • Euro 3 and Euro 5 emission technologies
  • Allison automatic transmission or ZF EuroTronic automated manual transmission for comfortable and easy driving
  • Single tyres for optimal off-road capability

Superstructure, extinguishing technology and control electronics are perfectly matched to the chassis and are part of the vehicle's comprehensive design, offering a reliable, mission orientated vehicle.

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Magirus IMPACT X6
The Magirus IMPACT X6 represents a series of versatile and flexible ARFF solution vehicles. This airport fire-fighting vehicle enlarges the field of ARFFV operations. Thanks to the increased extinguishing capacity it covers the requirements of different categories of airports. The IMPACT X6 offers the choice between single or double cabin versions.
As the IMPACT X6 is a highly efficient alternative for fire departments with large scale missions. All IMPACT models can be adapted to local missions. It can be equipped with many possible combinations, including
  • Pumps with or without a high-pressure system for maximum flexibility
  • CAFS compressed air foam systems that ensure preparedness for special applications
  • Roof and front monitors for maximum safety
  • Self-protection sprayers
  • The contemporary Magirus HMI (Human Machine Interface) pump control unit for intuitive and fast operation
  • Integration of fast attack reels, powder and CO2 extinguishing systems based on customer needs
  • Completely flexible accommodation of fire-fighting equipment loading
Багажные тягачи
GOLDHOFER (Германия)
Багажные тягачи
GOLDHOFER (Германия)
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