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      The powerful TJS and TJS-C jet sweepers quickly and efficiently clear snow from airport runways, taxiways and aprons. They are characterised by a large clearing width, high working speed and good manoeuvrability. Logical and intuitive menu navigation and automatically controlled processes help support drivers by ensuring that concentration remains focused on the clearing operation. The jet sweepers are available as towed machines (TJS) or as compact units (TJS-C).

      Clearing process

      Back to blacktop in a single work step.

      Three process steps combined in a single operation:

      • The snow plough clears the majority of the snow to the side.
      • The brush clears away the remaining snow and slush.
      • The blower unit generates a powerful air flow across the entire sweeping width, removing any remaining moisture. And, with that, the runway is ready for flight operations.

      Otimum brush life is achieved with a 21-piece cassette brush set with the longest bristle length. This type of brush is the most economical based on the number of cassettes to brush cost ratio – a recommendation we are happy to share with you.
      Sweeping unit
      The hydraulically-driven brush is mounted to a supporting frame and suspended via a parallelogram lifting system, so that it rests on the surface regardless of vehicle movement and uneven ground. The brush’s automatic and stepless sweeping pattern adjustment is carried out hydraulically and determined by the height adjustment of twin castors. During operation, the brush speed is adjusted automatically to suit the driving speed and shown on the control panel’s display. A long brush service life is possible – thanks to the wear-dependent brush speed adjustment.
      The twin castors offer very quiet, vibration-free and smooth sweeping performance, while level snow ejection and the cleanest fine clearing ensure maximum safety. This is achieved thanks to aerodynamic spoiler guidance, automatic spoiler adjustment and wear-dependent brush speed adjustment. This permits the jet sweeper to deliver a specific fine clearing result, while the robust design offers both optimum operational capability and maximum safety.
      Another plus:
      Depending on your requirements, you can choose between plastic (polyurethane) bristle materials [1], mixed (polyurethane/steel) [3] or steel [2].
      - - - - - - - -
      • Reduction of running costs due to long brush service life
      • Automatic sweeping pattern adjustment and automatic broom transport lock (patented)
      • Brush tailored to your needs
      • Maximum blowing performance thanks to aerodynamic airflow
      • Proven control technology, diverse options and intelligent assistance systems

      Blower unit
      The blower unit of the TJS/TJS-C is located directly behind the sweeping unit. There is next-to-no performance loss, since the air flow is dispersed directly above the ground. The blower removes any remaining water and slush from the clearing area, ensuring optimum friction values and better braking action on runways. The blower is driven hydraulically by the auxiliary engine via a variable displacement pump, and blower speed can be regulated in two stages, making optimum use of performance. The aerodynamic air flow also offers optimum blower performance over the entire clearing area. A constant air speed across the entire working width ensures uniform clearing of the snow-covered area.

      Difference between TJS and TJS-C

      The TJS – where you choose the towing vehicle.
      The TJS includes an all-wheel-drive towing vehicle with front-mounted snow plough and a jet sweeper with integrated coupling system – either as a semi-trailer or as a trailer. The auxiliary engine, which drives both the sweeping unit and the blower unit hydraulically, is located in the rear engine compartment.
      The TJS-C – the perfect choice if you need a complete solution.
      The compact TJS-C has a powerful tractor unit, including a snow plough, plus the same options for the brush roller and blower unit as the TJS. The compact attachment to the tractor unit makes the TJS-C a compact and particularly manoeuvrable machine.
      The TJS-C’s environmentally-friendly drive technology.
      Airports are facing growing challenges due to environmental and climate protection, which is why we focus on innovations that avoid pollutants and CO2 emissions in the development of our machines. The use of environmentally-friendly engines for the TJS series is an excellent example of this approach. To match the required performance with low fuel consumption, we use Volvo’s dual fuel,CO2-neutral engines, powered by a mixture of biogas and biodiesel. The dual fuel system means the engines make an important contribution to an airport’s positive environmental assessment. With biogas, 60%-80% of the biodiesel can be substituted depending on the load, while HVO (hydrated vegetable oil) can be used as an alternative fuel.

      Towing vehicles and vehicle connections
      With three different coupling systems, we offer a jet sweeper that suits your individual requirements. We use our modular kits – featuring a wide range of TJS versions, working widths and clearing capacities – to configure a tailor-made jet sweeper just for you.
      For the semi-trailer version, all commercially available truck chassis can be used as a towing vehicle, including MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo or other vehicles with fifth wheel coupling, ideally a 4x4 chassis.
      4-wheel TJS with towbar
      All commercially available chassis or tractors, ideally a 4x4 chassis, can be used for the 4-wheel TJS with towbar.
      TJS-C: tractor unit
      For the tractor unit version, we offer a Volvo with articulated steering or a Mercedes. This makes the TJS-C both compact and manoeuvrable.

      Multitude of variants

      The modular concept allows us to build the TJS/TJS-C fully in line with your specific needs, from TJS/TJS-C 420 to 630.

      -Towing or carrier vehicle that suits your preferences perfectly

      -Various bristle materials

      -Brush width (13.7 ft – 20.6 ft)

      -Supporting frame: with or without parking position for sweeping unit

      -Customer-specific options

      -Tarron MS series airport snow plough, blade width (18.3 ft – 26.2 ft)

      -Other customer-specific options possible

      Control system
      State-of-the-art control technology is an important step in the safe and efficient clearing of airport operation areas. Logical and intuitive menu navigation and automatically controlled processes help to support drivers by ensuring that concentration remains focused on the clearing operation.
      Both impulse and synchronous control are possible for the snow plough, sweeping unit and blower, so all components can be controlled individually or synchronously. On the one hand, this allows particularly efficient clearing processes (synchronous control). On the other, it also allows response to specific situations, such as adjustment of the snow plough, by means of manual control (impulse).
      The display indicates the operating hours when the machine is at standstill; information about the engine speed, brush revolution speed and blower performance can be called up when the engine is running. The display also provides a comprehensive overview of fault or error messages.
      • Control panel that can be used to control all relevant functions from the driver’s cab
      • Relevant machine information shown on the colour display
      • Graphical displays for a quick overview and intuitive operation

      Smart Service Concept
      • Free access to all important components
      • Short service time, since components are arranged optimally
      • Useful holder for the control panel on the switch cabinet for service and workshop use
      • Optimised harness installation ensures a high quality standard and lower service costs
      • Air intake underneath engine compartment translates into less air filter contamination

      Additional Information

      TJS, TJS-C options

      • Rear axle steering for best manoeuvrability
      • Parking position for sweeping unit
      • Engine hood can be tilted backwards and exhaust upwards
      • Electro-hydraulic unit for opening engine hood (with manual hand pump)
      • Counter weights for towing vehicle
      • Additional blower unit in front of the brush
      • Additional lighting
      • Rear view camera
      • 360°/270° camera
      • Other
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